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17 Seater Minibus Hire Rochdale And 18 Seat Minibus Hire

17 Seater Minibus Hire Rochdale And 18 Seat Minibus Hire

The Bliss of Travelling as a Large Team

The pleasant atmosphere which comes with journeying with a large group to a party, wedding or sports function is the best part of travelling. Our 17 and 18 seat minibuses are strictly tailored to improve your journey and give you a memorable travel experience. All seats in the buses offer plenty of space with the luggage partition having adequate space for containing all team members' effects.

Their model and inner design is where the bliss of journeying in these minibuses originates from. Trusted, popular renowned big international brands that provide us with the buses have crafted modern suspensions and bodies and that make your travel smooth and comfortable. A passenger once testified that he did not even notice all the bumps in Rochdale while aboard our 18 seater minibus. You can only expect that things get better as we do not compromise pleasure and luxury with our 17 Seater Minibuses and 18 Seat Minibuses.

Inner Comfort and Decoration Systems

The purpose of creating a stunning environment has made us adopt shiny leather, special clothing, and tiled designs to improve every moment spent in our buses. Our creative and engineering department is constantly at work to unearth trending interior decor systems which will truly offer our clients an opulent journey experience. The spacey adjustable seats allow travellers to relax listening to gentle music. Just instruct the driver to play your beloved tunes or tune to your choice radio stations and the minibus changes to a real living room.

In addition to beautiful interiors, the buses feature modern communication systems and gadgets which enable passengers access the internet via their Smartphone, tablets and even laptops. You will discover these minibuses truly perfect for corporate event journeys. This is because you can finish rehearsing your presentations or carry out additional research. Remember that all this occurs in the efficiently air conditioned passengers' area. Contact us now for additional information on our minibuses' other features that combine to give you a memorable journey.

Minibuses' Design and Technology

The design of our 17 Seater Minibuses and 18 Seat Minibuses is the outcome of extensive research. Our research team create designs and share them with trusted global brands to give clients the best vehicles possible. Majority of the vehicles' engines are found in front beneath the driver's cabin. This makes hauling passengers and luggage weight quite easy. With this feature, the buses have turned out perfect for groups with heavier luggage.

The driver's cabin is shielded as a cubicle-like section so he has no distractions. Besides, the driver enjoys easier controls because of the power steering and other controls. It is quite important to mention the extreme qualification and expansive experience required of those who drive the minibuses. By assessing and hiring only drivers who exhibit the highest levels of integrity and dedication, our customers are guaranteed enjoyment, safety and comfort during their journey.

Other technologies featured in the minibuses include GPS tracking. This helps in locating the vehicle and offering assistance in case of any unforeseen problems while on the road. Our buses also feature OBD2 apparatus which assist us in analysing all their operational systems. In case any of the vehicles begins to overheat, runs low on fuel, or develops other unexpected problems, we first take note ahead of calling you from the office to instruct you on what the next step is. We leave no stone unturned concerning giving all our customers the best enjoyment possible.

Reach out to us to hire our 17 Seater Minibuses and 18 Seat Minibuses of your choice and to also get more information.