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14 Seater Minibus Hire Rochdale And 16 Seat Minibus Hire

14 Seater Minibus Hire Rochdale And 16 Seat Minibus Hire

Our 14 Seater Minibuses and 16 Seat Minibuses are minibuses that are larger than average and they can transport people travelling for sports, weddings and various other larger event gatherings. They exhibit such lovely finishing that every passenger enjoys the time spent onboard. The emphasis of these minibuses is to significantly lower the costs of travel and make travellers feel more together. You can visualize how much money you can save by transporting your group in our 14 seat or 16 seat minibuses in comparison to hiring several taxis.

Our Minibuses Design and Suitability

Complete onboard passenger safety and maximum comfort is the main emphasis of the design of our large minibuses. The passenger section offers maximum space while luggage still gets sufficient space. The body and chassis are both created to contain the heavy weight of passengers and the luggage they bring along. The engines are large enough to give relative traction and comfort. Our passengers enjoy every travel minute as they navigate the beautiful corners and streets of our beloved Rochdale. The inside of the minibuses are well sophisticated so they can give a sense of style and class. The minibuses feature leather interior and seats, and translucent glass to provide passengers with the greatest privacy. The compartments are also similar to your sitting, entertainment or office unit because the windows are shielded with beautiful curtains. You can even hire a bus with special lighting for greater enjoyment.

Though they feature enough ground clearance appropriate for off road driving, their weight guarantees full stability. The concern of most clients that inquire about our 14 Seater Minibuses and 16 Seat Minibuses is how they will be transported to and from their destination. Our drivers are qualified and skilled in handling every Rochdale Minibus. They undergo a rigorous process and further retraining for handling the ever evolving vehicle automation and passengers before being hired. Our drivers are respectful and they will and even exceed expectations when you chatter our minibuses. Their courtesy, dedication and respect have kept our customers returning for more. Try us today and get a memorable Rochdale travel experience.

Effective Modern Technology

Modern day travellers are very advanced. They want to hire the services of reputable companies that can guarantee them vehicle entertainment systems similar to what is obtained in their rooms. Our 14 Seat Minibuses and 16 Seat Minibuses feature the most modern digital music systems. The systems rock your team gently with cool blues, souls and various other excellent tracks. This feature together with the beautiful interiors and efficient air conditioning make you desire to stay onboard forever when travelling for a corporate event. Even though the journey surely ends at some point, you don't have to worry. You can always return for more when you need to hire the service of a 14 seat or 16 seater Minibus again.

Although we exhaustively train our drivers to operate these minibuses for maximum safety, we also fit them with modern tracking technology for better safety. The fitted technology assists us in tracking and keeping records of routes toured and vehicle mileage. For us, our customers' safety and comfort is first and foremost. Should any unforeseen issue arise, we can reach you to resolve it quickly and have you safely back to your trip.

Our customer care support is constantly open 24/7 to reply to all your enquiries and assist you. Do not be reluctant to contact us today to book our 14 Seater Minibuses and 16 Seat Minibuses of your choice. You can then safely travel in the most exceptional comfort.